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Microsoft Project for Architects - Four Instructor-Led Webinars (Scheduling, Resource, Trade Tracking and Cost Control)

14 Structured Learning Hours

This instructor-led webinar series will be provide you with the knowledge to use Microsoft Project for scheduling, resource management, trade tracking and cost control. The webinar series covers that same material as our 2-day classroom course.

This webinar is limited to a maximum of six (6) participants to ensure that every participant receives individual attention. It is an interactive, instructor-led, hands-on seminar.


This seminar is delivered in 4 three hours instructor-led webinars covering the following topics:


  • Scheduling
    • Create a basic project plan including Work Breakdown Schedule and dependencies
    • Incorporate Milestones and Significant dates
    • Identify/Manage the Critical Path
    • Incorporate Job Deadlines
    • Identify slack and project float
    • Create an ‘Early Start’ and ‘Early Finish’ Schedule
    • Create a ‘Late Start’ and ‘Late Finish’ Schedule
    • Create a basic Impact Analysis using the Network Diagram
    • Add a tolerance to the Critical Path
    • Create a Trade Tracking Resource Schedule
    • Incorporate changes to the Project Start Date.
  • Resources
    • Create work assignments to trades, employees, subcontractors.
    • Add costing and availability information.
    • Incorporate the work quantities from estimates.
    • Assign and manage overtime at overtime rates.
    • Re-distribute and re-assign actual work.
    • Resolve over allocated personnel, equipment issues. Adjust individual workloads.
    • Share heavy equipment or specialized personnel over multiple projects and monitor availability.
    • Assign Saturday or off hours work by trade or task
    • Monitor resources by tasks, work completion rates, availability, costs, projects li>
  • Trade Tracking
    • Update projects and tasks.
    • Record actual starts, work durations, finish dates.
    • Record a delay and demonstrate the effect of the delay on other tasks.
    • Record splits in work.
    • Postpone or move work to alternate times.
    • Create a 2, 3, or 4 week look ahead.
    • Create a delay report.
    • Compare actuals to planned dates and costs.
    • Re-assign work.
    • Accelerate schedules and note the effects on costs and time.
    • Compare costs and schedules between projects.
  • Cost Control
      • Create weekly and monthly cash flow reports
        • Including subcontractor pricing
        • Including variable cost rates for trades, personnel, and equipment
      • Monitor budgeted Costs, Price, Profit Margins, Actual Costs and projected>
      • Identify Project status when ahead or behind schedule and/or over or under budget
      • Reassign work and identify effect on costing.
      • Reschedule work and identify effect on costs.
      • Create cost reports showing weekly performance from a cost perspective.
      • Compare costs between projects.

    Space is limited to : 6 students, sign up today to gain valuable insight into one of the most helpful tools a construction professional can use in today’s market.

    Cost of this course is $941+ applicable taxes for Canadian Customers Only and course runs from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time


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    Instructor-Led Webinar
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