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Creating Effective Presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint

7 FPSC credits* and 7 Life License Credits (Ont)

Instructor-led Webinar or Onsite Training


Are presentations a key part of your day? Up until recently, creating such presentations required a skill level beyond many corporate computer users or required enlisting the services of professionals. This course covers developments in new technologies for business communications. Using PowerPoint, as well as other multimedia tools this course explores multi-media presentation techniques. Course participants will develop the skill level to utilize these tools to create their own professional presentations!

This is as an instructor-led webinar delivered in two half day sessions. During this workshop we will teach you how to create presentations quickly and efficiently. Learn how to incorporate graphics, charts, animated words, sounds, voice, and video to communicate your message and to maintain high interest. We can show you how to create a completely automated presentation or an information kiosk for a Trade Show.

We can show you how to tailor, modify and manage the slide materials that you have to allow you to create new and fresh presentations from your cache of existing materials, efficiently!


  • Using PowerPoints as a presentation tool
  • PowerPoint presentation best practises
  • Creating a presentation quickly
  • Developing a consistent message
  • Presentation formats
  • Master slides
  • Backgrounds
  • Animation
  • Incorporating videos, animation and sounds
  • Sending presentations via email and disks

*We have reviewed the Guidelines for Providers of Continuing Education Programs from the Financial Planners Standards Council and have developed this program with these guidelines in mind. Although we will provide the necessary verification of attendance, we understand it is up to the individual CFP professional to determine whether completion/attendance at this seminar/program/course qualifies for CE credits.

Enrollment is limited to 6 persons to ensure that each participant receives individualized attention. This is a hands-on workshop. We will utilize screen sharing software and file sharing software to present the course and exercises. You may share your screen to get personalized assistance with your work.

Cost of this course is $329 + applicable taxes. Course runs from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time

If you have five people interested in attending the course it can be held on your site or as an exclusive instructor-led webinar for your team. Please contact us (866) 630-6950 for more details


If you have five people or more interested in attending, we can hold the course at your site for a reduced rate at the date and time that fits your team's schedule best. Please contact Andrew Leroux at (866) 630-6950 or for more details.

ES Computer Training Workshops, continuing education, sessions, accredited courses for construction, finance, insurance, business.

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