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Client Relations - Understanding CRM2 Performance Reporting

7 FPSC credits* and 7 Life License Credits (Ont)


CRM2 is a new set of financial rules that have been implemented to ensure investors receive standardized information about the cost and performance of their investments. Beginning July 15th, 2014, firms will be required to disclose charges and compensation from trades. By July 15th, 2016, it will be mandatory for advisors to provide investment performance information to clients, including annual account performance reports, which will entail the annualized total percentage return for the client’s account, via text, tables, charts, explanatory notes and a definition of total percentage return. This course, accredited by FPSC and CECAP, will facilitate the implementation of CRM2’s new reporting standards, allowing for simplified communication with clients.


  • Reporting Requirements: Examine the reporting requirements coming into effect with CRM2.
  • Performance fundamentals: Learn the underlying calculations involved in producing an internal rate of return. Master fundamental concepts like Present Value, Future Value and Net present value through worked examples.
  • Alternative reporting: Understand the difference between Time Weighted returns shown in the ads for mutual funds and Money Weighted returns reported to individual clients.
  • Client communication: become an expert at explaining portfolio analysis to non-experts with the help of graphical aids like tables and charts.

Cost for the Understanding CRM2's Performance Reporting workshop is $399 + applicable taxes + HST. To help you generate performance reports for your individual clients, the cost of the course includes a one year subscription to CRM2Plus software. CRM2Plus software is a practical approach to generating performance reporting for financial advisors.

Price: Workshop + Software Tools - $399 + applicable taxes

Max Students: 12


*We have reviewed the Guidelines for Providers of Continuing Education Programs from the Financial Planners Standards Council and have developed this program with these guidelines in mind. Although we will provide the necessary verification of attendance, we understand it is up to the individual CFP professional to determine whether completion/attendance at this seminar/program/course qualifies for CE credits.


There are currently no sessions scheduled for this course. The course can be held at your site if you have a minimum of five people interested in taking the course. Please contact us for details.

ES Computer Training Workshops, continuing education, sessions, accredited courses for construction, finance, insurance, business.

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