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Risk and Change Management for Construction

Gold Seal has accredited this course for 1 Special Industry Credit (SIC)

Pre Construction: Risk Management

Risk management is a tool to minimizes overtime and cost overruns. As we enter into a world of Design/Build and P3 contracts, the potential for gain and loss is increased.

To address these new conditions, proactive project management includes risk management: analyzing the project plan for the uncertainties, anticipating the changes that will happen and creating the Plan B -- this is where the big savings are to be made. It’s always easier to line up an alternate supplier at a good price, re-organize labour, or re-schedule work, ahead of time, when there is flexibility.

Monitoring and updating this plan throughout the construction period will lead to improvements.

Building it: Change Management

1. There will be changes. Changes are an essential part of the construction process.

2. Documenting is work. If there were easier, simpler, faster ways to document, the documentation would be more complete.

3. Documenting and communicating is challenging,

4. The challenges of change management are many and include:

  • recognizing changes and their impact
  • maintaining a robust change management system
  • ensuring communication channels to and from the site
  • documenting Change Orders, contemplated change notices, RFI’s, FWO’s, Submittals, CDN’s, and so on.

A Practical Approach to Risk Management and Change Management

Hands-on practice will help solidify the concepts discussed, on paper and using technology. Workshop topics covered are:

  • Risk Management Theory and Industry Best Practices
  • How to identify risks, issues and potential changes
  • Designing mitigation plans – Plan B
  • Project Tracking
      • 2 Week Look Ahead
      • Recording completions
      • Documenting Changes, Change logs
      • Managing Photos, Emails and other communications
    • Creating Delay Reports
    • Lessons Learned and Improving Construction Practices

    Risk and Change Management for Construction is a 1 day course. Cost is $399 + applicable taxes and class size is limited to 12


    If you have five people or more interested in attending, we can hold the course at your site for a reduced rate at the date and time that fits your team's schedule best. Please contact Andrew Leroux at (866) 630-6950 or for more details.

    ES Computer Training Workshops, continuing education, sessions, accredited courses for construction, finance, insurance, business.

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